Photo: ADAC GT Masters

In the market for a new car? A lightly used Mercedes AMG GT3 is up for sale for the bargain price of €342,000. That represents a saving of around €30-40,000 off the price of a brand new AMG GT3 straight from Mercedes.

Chassis #123 is only a year old, but comes with an engine built in September. The gearbox is not much older, with half the mileage of the chassis.

As many of you will have worked out, this is an ex-Zakspeed Mercedes from ADAC GT Masters. This particular car, #20 from the 2017 season, was part of the disqualification from the 1-2 finish at the Sachsenring.

The disqualification led the breakdown of the relationship between Mercedes and Zakspeed. Zakspeed have not announced their 2018 racing plans yet, but it will not involved AMG Customer Racing.

A statement from AMG Customer Racing said:

“Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing dissociates from the conditions that have led to the disqualification of the Zakspeed team during the ADAC GT Masters at the Sachsenring last weekend. At no time, Mercedes-AMG, or the engineers of HWA AG commissioned by us, were involved in the technical modifications that have resulted into the disqualification.

“The camshaft setting that wasn’t in accordance with the GT3 homologation as identified by the DMSB on both Mercedes-AMG GT3 of the Zakspeed team during the ADAC GT Masters event at the Sachsenring is the result of a modified engine mapping.

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The advertisement of the car states that the engine was new in September of 2017, which is around the time of the disqualification.

Although it was a software setting in the engine mapping that took the car outside of the homologation, it would be interesting to know if this car has one of the offending engines onboard.

It may not be news, but it’s worth considering that the price of the car is quite reasonable in todays GT3 market. The 488 is considerably more damaging to the bank balance at around €500,000. Granted, 488 has the advantage of being able to run in GT3 or GTE format but it’s considerably more expensive than the AMG. Given the performance of the Mercedes, it looks like a bargain.

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