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The #84 HTP Mercedes has retired from the race after a large accident at Raidillon. Jimmy Eriksson clipped the inside kerb, sending the car to the right of the circuit, making heavy contact with the barrier. The car was in a solid podium position at the time and had the pace to challenge for the lead.

The resulting FCY brought out another strategy error down at M-Sport Bentley. The #8 had fought back to a top 5 position, but the team chose not to pit the car under FCY and instead waited until the field was bunched under the Safety Car to make the stop. This dropped the car from 5th to 16th on the restart.

As the light levels dropped, the amount of penalties for track limits dropped in parallel. Are drivers being better behaved in the reduced visibility, or are the stewards just unable to see the infringements?

On the move…

#55 Ferrari still leads and is still the fastest car on track. No matter which driver you put in that car, it is able to gap the field.

#25 Santiloc Audi is now into the top 5 and matching times with the leaders.

#16 Mercedes leads Pro-Am and is in the top 10. It has a lap lead over the #97 Aston Martin.

Bad times for…

#75 ISR Audi is now officially retired. The car sustained engine damage whilst overheating earlier.

#1 Audi was given a track limits penalty. The car was in second but now sits in eighth position.

#84 has retired after the accident at Raidillon. It was the leading Mercedes at the time of the accident.

#8 Bentley poor pit stop strategy dropped the car out of the top 5, down to 16th. The car has so far recovered to 10th place.

#97 Aston Martin has lost a lap to the #16 Mercedes, which now comfortably leads the Pro-Am class. This seemed to happen during the FCY and Safety Car procedure as the race leader was between the 2 Pro-Am leaders.

Despite the drivers reporting that the cooler temperatures help, the #23 Nissan has dropped back. Coincidentally, it’s managed to find the back of the delayed #8 Bentley again.

Keep an eye out for…

The #55 Ferrari may be leading, but the #2 Audi is matching the Cioci on lap times. A bit of traffic might cause a lead change, keep watching the front of the race.

The #63 Lamborghini has not been hiding its speed, but currently sits third. Perhaps the cooler temperatures aren’t working to the GRT Grasser cars favour.

#8 Bentley will have to make another recovery drive after the error. Watch the timing screens during the night.

#1 Audi is also on a recovery driver after the penalty. The sector times suggest it has the pace to lead too.

#117 has managed to get a lap back during Safety Car procedures. If they manage to get the second lap back, the car could be a contender for the win.

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