Ginetta unveil the P60-LT-P1 LMP1 car

Ginetta has taken the wraps off of their much anticipated LMP1 car. The brand new P60-LT-P1 will contest the FIA WEC 2018-2019 Super Season in the hands of TRS Manor Racing, and was presented at Autosport International in the colours of the Anglo-Chinese squad.

The Ginetta LMP1 was the first of the new generation of LMP1 chassis to be announced. First mentioned back in January 2017, the car was in the wind tunnel by June, the first engine was delivered in October and the car was testing privately by December.

Manor have yet to confirm their engine supplier, but it is understood they will be using a previously announced LMP1 engine – with exact branding still under negotiation.

Images courtesy Manor WEC/Ginetta Cars

The G60-LT-P1 was unveiled by Ginetta Chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson, Ginetta Technical Director, Ewan Baldry, Manor Endurance Racing Sporting Director, Graeme Lowdon, Chairman of TRS, Zhang Yi and Vice President of TRS, Li Qiao. The launch was hosted by Louise Goodman and attended by a number of industry influencers.

Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of Ginetta, said: “I’m delighted to finally be able to unveil our latest machine to the motorsport industry, and what better time than at the start of our 60th year of manufacturing. Ginetta has a long history of international success in with the G55 GT4, LMP3 and G57. The LMP1 will be a strong contender in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and at Le Mans. We have a great team of Design Engineers in Leeds, have worked with some excellent partners on the project, and can’t wait to show you what the LMP1 is made of out on track.”

Ginetta have set a target of 10 chassis to be sold to customers, but as things currently stand the only confirmed car is to be run by TRS Manor. There have been rumours of up to 3 cars having been purchased by another team, but there has been no announcement.

theRacingLine Comment 

Other than the ByKolles CLM P/01, the Ginetta P60-LT-P1 was the first car to be announced for the rejuvenated LMP1 privateer class. Ginetta being first to enter new classes is something we’ve become used to – the Ginetta LMP3 can be credited with getting the LMP3 class enough attention to attract Ligier and Norma.

Unfortunately the Ginetta LMP3 didn’t stick around and LMP3 became a spec Ligier class with a spattering or Normas. Ginetta will no doubt be relishing the challenge of having real competition at such a high level. However as it stands, Ginetta only have one car on the grid.

BR Engineering were the second to announce a chassis, and ORECA were the latest. BR Engineering have sold cars to DragonSpeed and SMP Racing, giving the Russian constructor at least three cars. ORECA are supplying two cars to Rebellion. The current LMP1 entry list has 9 confirmed cars, with question marks over additional Ginettas.

We’re also waiting on Alpine announcing their intentions. Technically speaking, Alpine now have a road car and are therefore a low volume manufacturer. This excludes them from running in the LMP2 class. But we’ve seen this situation with Alpine before, and the solution has always been the goal posts are moved ever-so-slightly to allow Alpine access to the LMP2 class. Time will tell if the French manufacturer will be allowed to continue this practice.

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