WeatherTech Sportscar Championship Resources

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Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge Resources


The packed schedule begins on Thursday 25th and runs all the way through until Sunday 28th. The WeatherTech series has 4 practice sessions, qualifying and the main event. Between the WeatherTech sessions, there are Continental Tire and Ferrari Challenge sessions and races.

WeatherTech Qualifying is on Thursday, with the race start obviously being Saturday. Continental Tire Qualifying is on Thursday, and the race is Friday.

Times on the IMSA timetable are local Daytona times, which is EST. For your convenience, here’s the important times in popular time zones.

WTSCC Qualifying Start Sunset Sunrise Finish
EST 15:45 14:40 17:55 07:17 14:40
PST 12:45 11:40 14:55 04:17 11:40
GMT 20:45 19:40 22:55 12:17 19:40
CET 21:45 20:40 23:55 13:17 20:40


CTSCC Qualifying Start Finish
EST 12:00 13:00 17:00
PST 09:00 10:00 14:00
GMT 17:00 18:00 22:00
CET 18:00 19:00 23:00

Session results are provided in detail for all sessions, including support races.

The Spotter Guide and entry list go hand in hand. The spotter guide is another Andy Blackmore special, produced officially for IMSA. The spotter guide contains both IMSA WeatherTech and Continental Tire series in a single pdf.

Live Timing

Live timing is available through the Live Timing Aggregator, using the link on the tRL Home Page. Timing for all 4 practice sessions, qualifying and the entire race will be provided. Timing for each session can be replayed in real time using the Recent Replays section.

This minimalistic system will be available all year round for the majority of series we cover. It is optimised for getting data and information, rather than flashy graphics. Use the same menu option for IMSA, WEC, ELMS and anything else you’re interested in.


The majority of the world will be able to watch the entire race live, for free, via the coverage provided by IMSA Radio. You may know them as Radio Show Limited, or Radio Le Mans. The coverage quality is second to none. We will make posts when qualifying and the races are about to begin. will also be covering the Continental Tire race on Friday, just in case a full 24 hour endurance race isn’t enough for you.

IMSA very kindly uploads the entire races to YouTube some days after the event has finished. Once that’s up it will become available on tRL TV so you know where to find it.

For those in the United States, check here for the listings. A combination of, Fox Sports Go, FS1 and FS2 may be required for full race coverage.

We’ll be tweeting and posting updates throughout most of the race.

Pre-Race Previews

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