Blancpain Asia Fuji Start

Blancpain GT Series Asia is expecting significant growth as it enters its second season of competition in 2018.

The series, which was launched in 2017, currently has 20 full season entry fees paid and expects that to grow before the end of January.

“In terms of entries, the series is well ahead of where it was this time 12 months ago. ” said series director, Benjamin Franassovici. “More than 20 full-season entry fees have already been received and expect the first 25 to be confirmed before the end of January.”

SRO has managed to succeed where others have struggled, and captured the Asian market. The region has long been described as “emerging”, yet no series has managed to consistently capture the potential of the area.

The 6 round calendar kicks off at Sepang International Raceway on the 14th and 15th of April and winds up at Zhejiang Circuit on the 14th of October. Comment

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Blancpain GT Series Asia was probably my big surprise of 2017. We’ve seen the Asian Le Mans Series and other regional series fluctuate in grid numbers for years now, but SRO turned up and grabbed a full grid immediately.

That momentum looks like it’ll be carried into 2018 as well, with growth in full time numbers. Regulars from other series, such as BMW Team Studie, are moving over to the SRO run series.

Whatever SRO does to capture teams, works. The quality of the teams and drivers is high, with names like Craft Bamboo Racing and Maxi Buhk regularly appearing on the entry lists.

Asian sportscar racing is without a doubt on the rise, and SRO has managed to apply their entry list magic yet again. If you enjoy GT3 and GT4 racing and fancy something new, this will be right up your street. I recommend watching the final round at Zhejiang. It’s a relatively unknown new circuit that may surprise you.

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