About theRACINGLINE.net

theRACINGLINE.net 3.0 was founded in 2018 by Dave Ellis, and aims to bring high quality sportscar and endurance racing news to the passionate fan base. 


With online journalism prioritising speed over everything else, the respect between the reporter and industry breaks down. Speculation and rumour are reported as fact, stories which took place in confidence are leaked and embargoes are broken to take advantage of exclusive reports. We will not engage in such actions. It is clear people love to speculate and talk about the sport they love, and there is a place for this in reporting. We will be clear when speculation and rumours are being discussed. We will tag these posts in appropriate ways so it is clear to the reader. We want to be seen as friends of the industry and the fans, rather than stirring the pot.

We encourage people to carry the same philosophy in the comments below posts. Staff will moderate abuse, but we will not moderate opinions. We want to encourage discussion and debate in our comments, but we ask you treat each other with respect. 

No Click-bait

Click-bait is everywhere, and even massive multi-national news sites have been partaking in this. Click-bait can range from tabloid style headlines, to a headline which does not accurately reflect the article, and even misreport a topic intentionally. We will not participate in click-bait. 


If you're reading this, you're probably a sports car nerd. There's no shame in that – we're all nerds about the sport we love. But sports car racing is complicated. It can be complicated to seasoned motorsport fans who are used to endurance racing, but imagine how complicated it is to someone new to this type racing entirely. We aim to be accessible to all levels, and provides a series of information pages containing the basic information you need to get started on each series. We will also be including information about TV and streaming packages, to make it easier to find ways to watch the action.


Everybody hates advertising. If they didn't, Ad-Blockers would not exist. Unfortunately advertising is what pays the bills. However our primary service is to provide you with news and content, not show adverts. We believe there should be a middle ground.

There will be no sound or video ads. There will be no popup ads. There will be no “hover ads” (popups that open in the same window and still requiring closing). There will be no animated ads. There will be no ads which take control of your screen/scrolling. There will be no ads which follow you around the screen. There will be no bandwidth hogging ads. There will be no URL redirection, and there will certainly be no fake or moving close buttons. Our ads will be limited to sidebars, top/bottom banners, and background and home page features. These will be static images or text links. Any sponsored article or video will be tagged appropriately.  

We aim to keep the ads motorsport relevant, or relevant to you and we will not run ads which degrade the performance of the site. In return for running respectful advertising, we ask you white-list theRACINGLINE.net and do not block our ads, to support the running of the site. If you experience an ad that does not meet these standards, please contact the staff immediately with details, and if possible a screenshot of the offending ad so it can be removed.

We do not run adverts on the tRL TV viewing pages. The content on tRL TV is not produced by theRACINGLINE.net and we do not monetise those pages. From a user experience point of view, it's always better to enjoy the video with a widescreen video, black background and no distracting graphics. Your experience here is our priority.


Feedback is the best way to improve a product. We need your feedback. We want to hear from you, whether it be positive or 'constructive' feedback. Tell us your thoughts, give us a wishlist of content you would like to see, and we'll see what we can do. 


Although version 3.0 was founded by Dave Ellis, it was not without assistance. The idea of relaunching theRACINGLINE.net was first mentioned by Angela Steele. The disappointing news coverage of sportscar racing in mainstream media prompted a “let’s do it ourselves” discussion. Following that discussion, the site was built by Dave in the summer of 2017, and the rest of the year was spent mashing the keyboard pretending he can type.

Nick Ovey was responsible for the original versions of the site, and provides assistance with hosting and url services for 3.0. Without him, the site would still be giving complicated server errors. He’s also the man who fixes things when Dave breaks something. 

Neil Sheard is onboard as our photographer. Expect to see much more of his work as time progresses. He needs to put some work into his facial hair though.


Want to Contribute?

Want to contribute to theRACINGLINE.net? We’d like to hear from you. Send an email to dave@theracingline.net.

Attach a sample of your work, and give us an outline of what you’d like to do. If you don’t have a sample then you can still get in touch for a chat.

We’re not just after simple race reporters. If you’re a driver, engineer or mechanic and fancy writing your thoughts then we can help. 

If you’re a photographer, artist, or 3D Modeler then we’d also like to hear from you.


Engineering student, lover of all things technical and lifelong motorsport fan. Employed in the Oil & Gas Industry, developing Major Emergency Management simulations. Owner of the best beard on the site.

IMSA Contributor

Voice of Endurance Radio and WRL Live. Sportscar and endurance racing nut.

Lead Photographer

Loves taking photos of anything that goes fast. Shoots on antiquated Canon equipment. Often seen at Oulton Park standing under the flag station at Lodge shooting up towards Warwick Bridge. Occasionally writes some British GT stuff.


Technical Support and Resident Genius