What is tRL TV?

tRL TV is a collection of sports car and endurance racing videos, laid out in an easy to navigate manner. Sports Car Racing is a complex part of the motorsport industry, and trying to find good videos and live events can often be intimidating to a newcomer. tRL TV aims to make the task of finding high quality videos and live events significantly easier. We want to create a huge library of great videos, full races, and live streams. Expect new videos throughout the week, in addition to weekend race coverage.

Why are the streaming schedules inconsistent?

Every series is different. Some series are still experimenting with online streaming whilst others may have TV contracts they must honour. Other series choose to utilise another streaming provider, so cannot be made available here. Some videos have embedding disabled, and that is the video owners decision. Long story short is that the series are in charge of their own content, and we operate within the rules that they set. We do our best to get everything in that we can, even series we do not cover in news sections. 

The tRL TV Race Schedule should not be taken as a solid streaming schedule. We do our best, but some races are posted only seconds before the race, and others are held back for weeks afterwards. This is a guide but we'll do our best to get you live streams on the day.

Do you host or own the content?

No, theRACINGLINE.net does not host or own the content on tRL TV. Because we do not produce or own this content, we do not monetise the video pages with ads. However video views are registered here, which means that content owners will make money through views on tRL TV. We hope that this setup will provide additional income to content creators in the industry. All credit and responsibility for the content of the videos resides with the original video poster. 

YouTube has a problem with copyright infringement (something which is immediately obvious to anyone who spends more than 2 minutes there). Many clips and races are uploaded without permission from the original copyright holder or creator. We  avoid using videos that are clearly infringing on copyright. But we are human and do make mistakes, so if you spot anything then contact us and let us know.

Yes, there are a LOT of videos we would like to see here. We’d also get a lot more traffic if we ignored this rule. But at the end of the day, is it morally right? We don’t think so.

Only videos that allow third party embedding will be embedded here and we will not attempted to circumnavigate this setting, or embed a video that was not designed to be embedded. Please note that the YouTube terms and conditions (Part 8.1 B) state that a video owner grants the rights for the video to be embedded in external websites by leaving the function activated. 

In short – we only use official videos. We can make mistakes, so contact us and we’ll sort it. If you don’t want content on YouTube, contact them first. If you don’t want content embedded you must disable the option to do so.

Any series which does not allow embedding of the live stream (IMSA.TV, Bathurst 12 Hours) we will provide a link to the coverage site, but not embed the video. This means you can still come to theRACINGLINE.net to find the video, even if you can’t watch it here.

Can I remove my video from here?

If you see a video here that you own, you can email us and ask us to remove it. However that does not remove it from YouTube or the hosting website. If you own the account on YouTube then the YouTube terms and conditions state that if you allow the embedding option, then you grant the right to have the video posted elsewhere. If you do not want the video embedded on other websites, you must disable the embedding option. Note that video views from embedded videos do count towards your total views, so keeping the video on tRL TV may be an advantage to you.

If you do not own the YouTube account but you do own the material then we suggest lodging a copyright notice with YouTube. Having the video removed from tRL TV will not remove it from YouTube and thus not solve the actual issue. 

Please note that due to false claims, we may require proof of ownership of the video. Again, this is where going through YouTubes claim process may be a more appropriate route to take. We can provide assistance with this process if necessary.

How do I report a broken video?

E-mail one of the staff members or leave a comment on the page and we'll see what we can do. Sometimes a video has been removed, restricted or geo-blocked on YouTube. There isn't much we can do about that other than remove the video from tRL TV.

Streaming is a foreign language to me, can you help?

We realise that not everybody is fully tech savvy, and the idea of streaming can be intimidating to many. With this in mind, we'll do our best to list ways of watching the streams and videos. The good news is that YouTube has moved from Adobe Flash to HTML5. What that means to you is that you can view these videos on practically any device, and it's quite easy view in full HD on your TV as well..

  • Regular desktop / laptop devices – tRL TV should display fine on any semi-modern desktop or laptop which is using a recent browser. We recommend Google Chrome, but you can also use Internet Explorer 10 and above, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser and Apple Safari. If you have an HDMI cable, you can even connect the laptop (or desktop) to your TV and watch the video/stream on the TV.
  • Handheld Devices – tRL TV should display fine on most handheld devices. Any recent Apple iPhone, iPad or any recent Android product should be fine. Open the browser on the device, navigate to www.theracingline.net, go to the tRL TV section and try it out. Wired dongles are available which connect your device to an HDMI port on your TV, or you can use a Chromecast device, or AppleTV to broadcast from your phone to TV.
  • Games Consoles – The Xbox One and Playstation 4 both have built in web browsers that work. Games console browsers can be a little fiddly to use with the joypad, but it does work and it's an easy way to get a stream on the TV. The Nintendo Switch currently does not have a browser, and the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 may be too old to support the site.
  • Smart TV Browser – Many modern TVs by manufacturers such as Sony or Samsung have built in web browsers. Connect the TV to the internet through your Wifi, and then load the browser.

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